3rd conference

23rd November 2017, Gdańsk

On November 23rd, 2017, the third edition of the international scientific conference “Arab and Muslim world in international relations” organized by Polish Association for International Studies, Europe-Asia-Africa Foundation and European Solidarity Center was held. The conference gathered together 53 participants and the level of its internationalization exceeded 50%. Participants of the conference included researchers from the Czech Republic, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, the United States of America, Turkey, Ukraine, and Great Britain.

The aim of the conference was interdisciplinary analysis (politological, sociological, legal, philosophical, and economic) of on-going changes taking place in the Arab world and Islam, as well as the dissemination of knowledge and breaking the stereotypes that exist in relation to the Arab world and Islam in Poland and in the whole world. The conference constituted also a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between researchers into the Arab world and Islam, as well the opportunity for integration and expanding cooperation between research centers around the world.

The special guest of the conference was Professor Ashraf el-Sherif from the American University of Cairo. He held the lecture entitled “the Crisis of the Old Polities and Sustained Revolutionary Conditions in the Middle East”, which sparked a lively discussion on the future of the Middle East.

Then, the plenary session was held in which participated: prof. Radosław Fiedler (Iran as a regional power: ideas vs. reality), prof. Edward Haliżak (Offshore balancing in the US foreign policy: case study of the Middle East), dr. Vladimir Naxer (Islamophobia without Muslims: anti-Muslim and anti-Arab attitudes in the Czech Society); and dr. Zining Yang (A multi-resolution model scanning political stability in Arab and Muslim World).

Following the lunch break 9 panels were held dealing with political dilemmas in the Persian Gulf (2 panels), economic issues in the Middle East (2 panels), conflicts and terrorism in the world of Islam, Muslim issues in Euro-Asia, common perspectives and strategies between the EU and the world of Islam, Muslim movements and their activity as well as identity and culture.

The honorary patronage over the conference was held by the rector of the University of Gdańsk – prof. Jerzy Gwizdała.

The patrons of the conference were: Marshal of Pomeranian Voivodeship, President of the City Gdańsk, University of Business Administration in Gdynia, Employees of Pomerania, Institute of Social Sciences and Economy, Polish Africanist Society, Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń and the Polish Orientalistic Society… .